For Beth Boshart and Greg Lowe it has been a long streak of bad luck. Greg is a local artist who specializes in wood carvings. Every sculpture he does is by hand, and in many cases has sentimental value. One latest streak of bad luck came in the form of theft. Three of his carvings were stolen from the front yard of his North Utica home.

One day Greg and Beth came home to find that one of Greg's latest pieces, a retro hand, was missing. They then discovered two other sculptures were gone. One of them was a red heart resting on a solid grey stone. Of course the image was made completely of wood, and represented the struggles their family were facing. The heart sculpture in particular was representative of Beth's battle with heart disease. She survived a heart attack in 2012, and is now awaiting a transplant.

On top of all Beth is dealing with, Greg was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The carvings were more than just lawn ornaments, or art projects. They are symbols of this family's strength and hardships. It's evidence of hard work done by Greg, who lived his whole life with a love of art. Whoever did this disgusting deed should no doubt be punished, but most importantly this artwork must be found and returned to Greg and Beth.

If you have any information on one of the three sculptures below, please contact Marcy State Police at (315) 357-3333.

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