Some LSU alumni have issued the warning that LSU fans will 'drink the town dry' during their visit to Syracuse when the Tigers come to 'Cuse to play the Orange on September 26.The Louisiana State Tigers are visiting Syracuse for the first time this weekend and expecting to bring about 7,500 fans to the area.

The New Orleans Times Picayune reported the story where Vice President of LSU's Alumni Association Jason Ramezan issued the warning.

Now I don't think anybody can out-drink Central New Yorkers, but I imagine Syracuse will be an intense place to be on Saturday night.

I'm not sure if Tigers fans are used to the type of drinking we do here; with Saranac, Empire Brewing Company and Ommegang at our disposal, they might be in for a surprise.

Either way I hope Central New Yorkers are friendly and accommodating to the visitors, and as always, drink responsibly.


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