I'm extremely excited for FrogFest 30 this year. I didn't attend last years FrogFest, but at least I have an amazing excuse and reason.

My beautiful and super handsome son Finley was born FrogFest weekend last year on June 11th. Here's a story I've shared on the air, but never sat down and wrote.

My wife Sarah and I were expecting Finley in July. Sarah experienced an ok pregnancy with Fin, with the exception of a few minor issues. Sarah experienced contractions a lot towards the end, and there were several days we spent at the hospital to stop them from happening. The staff at St. Lukes was incredible, and always very nice and kind.

Spring ahead to the Friday before FrogFest.

I was on my way to work when my wife Sarah calls me from her OB appointment. She explained that her Doctor told her to head right to the hospital and that they were going to deliver the baby that day. Of course I was super excited, nervous, happy, and feeling every emotion one could possibly imagine.

I called Tad Pole, and Polly answers the phone. My nerves kicked in that I explained I won't be able to attend FrogFest. Of course both were extremely understanding, and very supportive. This hasn't stopped several jokes being made about "Wheels skipping out of FrogFest."

We headed into the hospital and Sarah's doctor wanted to perform a C Section, but decided to wait through the weekend. That point forward Sarah and I lived at the hospital for a few days. I've learned that St. Lukes has some of the best chicken tenders in Central New York, and burgers too.

Come Sunday June 11th, Finley was born. Since then, he's been my daughter Avery's best friend, and our "baby brother." On Monday Finley turns one, and I can't wait to celebrate with family and friends. I honestly can't believe how fast a year has flown by.

So if you ever wondered why I skipped out of 2 out of 9 FrogFest's I've worked for Big Frog for, here's my excuses:

2014- Sarah and I got married. We planned our wedding before the date of FrogFest was released.

2017- Finley was born.

So truly here in 2018, I can say "I love this life."


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