Have you seen the dangerous viral stunt of a New York man surfing his car down the road before crashing? Was it fake or just stupidity?

A video, that has since been taken down from YouTube, showed a man riding his 'dead' car down what WENY News thinks is Bailey Creek Road in Corning. "I'm going to skateboard down this hill," the driver says in the video. "Oh shoot this is actually very dangerous."

The car speeds up, spins out of control and the driver is seen rolling into the ditch. "Well this car is screwed. That was the dumbest thing I've ever done." But several YouTube viewers aren't so sure.

"Cars have seats and steering wheels. You should use them. You're lucky the road was clear. There was a corner and other drivers may not have seen you until it was too late."

"You know there's a pedal under the steering wheel that slows the whole car down and could have avoided this entire crash. I think it's called the brake, I could be wrong though."

New York State Police tell WENY 21 year-old Chris Merola was in an accident on the same road, the same day the video was uploaded on YouTube. No charges were filed at the time but one YouTube viewer doesn't agree.

"Prosecute this man to the fullest extend of the law. He purposely did this stunt just to film a video. Someone could have been killed just because this guy wanted to go viral on the internet."

The video has gone viral, with several sites wanting to upload it, including Live Leak where the driver says he was waiting for friends to come help.

"I decided to make a ridiculous Snapchat for my friends to enjoy while I was waiting. We see where that ended up from the video. It started out as a stupid joke, but I ended up freezing instead of reacting like I should have. Many people have accused it of being staged; however, it was a spur of the moment decision out of boredom. I was thrown from the car, and I suffered no major injuries besides a couple of scrapes and bruises on my left side due to rolling into a ditch instead of the asphalt."

Whether this is a fake stunt in an effort to go viral or not, it's just stupid. He could have killed an innocent driver coming around that corner. When will kids learn they are NOT invincible and start using that thing 3 feet above their ass.


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