While many states have seen an increase in turkey population, New York is one state that has seen a decline. This has led the Department of Environmental Conservation to reduce the days of hour of hunting seasons and bag limits. One expert blames the weather patterns and over the last ten years.

I was just talking with a hunter about how turkey hunting didn't exist when I grew up in Illinois, now they're everywhere. Despite the fact we frequently see turkeys while driving CNY roads, the popultation "ain't what it used to be."

Doug Little with the National Wild Turkey Federation in the northeast has his theories.conservation field supervisor for the Northeast

largely attributed to poor weather during the nesting and brood-rearing seasons during the past 10-plus years.

“Habitat has been lost to a host of land-use changes,” he said.

Little adds that the decline in young forest habitat negatively impacts nesting too. New York's fall turkey season runs now through October 14 in the northern zone. The southern zone season is October 21 through November 3. Bag limit is one bird for the season. Get more details on turkey regulations at the DEC's website.


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