Moriah Formica may be only 16 years-old but she's a "pint sized powerhouse with an old soul." The Albany teen rocked The Voice stage, performing Heart's 'Crazy on You,' earning her a four chair turn.

Adam Levine called Formica the "next great female rock and roll singer."

Blake Shelton has been known for molding young talent on The Voice and wanted to do the same with Formica. "It's not fair to the rest of the world that God, He was sprinkling out talent like somebody was talking to Him and He forgot and He sprinkled extra amounts on you. My favorite part of working on this show is getting to work with young people because you're the most likely to come out of this show and be a star."

Miley Cyrus connected with Formica and her talent early in life. "You're getting to experience this at such a young age and that's something that I was gifted with. I'd just like to be the one to keep your head on your shoulders, keep you knowing it's important to be a great singer but it's more important to be a great person."

Once the judges finished fighting over Moriah to join their teams, she chose Miley.

Moriah discovered her talent very young when she got her first guitar at age 6. By 9 she started guitar lessons but after a few weeks she decided playing by ear much more appealing. Moriah even taught herself other instruments like drums, keyboard, and bass.

Singing and playing different instruments aren't Moriah's only talents. She can write too and at 11-years old, Moriah wrote her first song. Her latest song 'Time' was co-written and produced by Michael Sweet of Stryper.

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Will Moriah follow in Sawyer Fredericks' footsteps? The Albany area teen won the voice for Team Pharrell. Tune into NBC when The Voice heads into the Battle Rounds to find out.


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