Deer in New York is nothing unusual. Deer browsing the produce aisle at Price Chopper is another story. It happened in Cooperstown.

'I couldn't believe it when I pulled up to the grocery store and saw the deer standing at the door,' says Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick. 'He was staring in and he kept making the automatic door open, close, open, close. He finally bolted in.'

Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick

The deer headed straight to the grocery store section you'd expect. "When I got in there he was quite happy to be in the produce section," jokes McGoldrick.

Luckily the deer was friendly and walked out with the staff's help. "There were staff there immediately, taking a few pictures but then ushering him out."

Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick

You know you're from New York when shopping with deer is just another day at the grocery store.