In this world, you get what you give. One New York man is trying to use that slogan to give out $100 to total strangers.

The founder of the "Do The Next Good Thing" campaign on Facebook, Jeff Buell, wants people to not view paying it forward as cornny, but as an actual way to live your life.

Jeff talks about how he has been lucky enough to be successful in this country, and wants to give out $100 over the course of 365 days. Every day, he will surprise someone who truly needs that money, and hopes they will pay it forward some day.

In my heart is a passion for helping people. And helping this crazy, chaotic world we are living in. It feels like swimming upstream most days, but we shouldn’t wait for the time to be right to act. Act when it is needed.

This project started September 26th and will run one year. Jeff will be giving away $50,000 of his own money to random people in the Capital Region (or wherever he may be travelling).

I’m not silly enough to think that $100 will change anyone’s life. I am optimistic enough to believe that we can change perspectives. We can tell stories that give people hope again. And isn’t that what we really need?

Find out how to get involved on the campaigns Facebook page.



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