I've bounced it across parking lots, dropped it in a cup of coffee and even ricocheted it off the toilet and into the tub. So how does the final straw for my cell phone come from falling two feet onto a plush rug. It was just hours ago and I'm already lost.

Forget texting, Googling and Face Book messaging. And phone calls? PLEASE. My phone has much more important uses.

My rotation of game playing; best of 3 in Spite and Malice followed by 3 attempts at beating Las Vegas Solitaire.

Those are just warm ups for a Hold 'Em poker tournament on the WSOP app where some "Donk" will eventually suck out an inside straight or flush in a hand they should have folded pre-flop.

Then there's Golf Clash, the only video game that is more frustrating than the real game. I never throw clubs on the course, but I will toss a phone. And of course a tournament would have just started.

I have no idea what time it is. Never realized how often it was used as a time piece.

And what about in the bathroom? Am I supposed to just sit there? Wonder if the batteries still work in those old Yahtzee hand held games.


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