13 is considered an unlucky number but when it comes to Anniversaries it should be celebrated. You've defied the odds and made it over a decade. Today marks Tad and I's 13th Anniversary and no one is more surprised we've defied the odds and made it this long working AND living together than us.

Many people ask how we are able to work and live together and not kill each other. The answer is simple; seperate rooms. When we get home I go into my room and he goes into his man cave. We actually see each other more at work than at home.

Gifts are long gone. We use to get each other something to mark the occasion but that ended years ago. The symbols for a 13th anniversary gift include lace, faux fur or clothing. Hollyhocks are the traditional flower and the jewelry for 13 years are Citrine, Moonstone and Hawk’s Eye. Since I kill any plant or flower and don't wear jewelry, there's no sense wasting money.

Instead of gifts to celebrate each year we like to get away. It could be as close as Syracuse or another state. It's not about where we go. It's about going together to reconnect without any distractions.

Every other day of the year we make our marriage work by, being honest, not taking each other too seriously and laughter. I don't think there's been one day that's gone by that we haven't laughed at least once.



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