It's not out of the normal to see snow in New York in November. Are you ready to deal with the reality? 

The National Weather Service office in Buffalo is reporting that multiple bands of lake effect snow will evolve and here in Central and Northern New York we could see some minor snow. They aren't predicting for you to grab the shove, but maybe a snow brush.

According to EyeWitness News Chief Meteorologist Rachael Witter, Central New York could see two minor snow chances in the next week.

1) Friday night

It's a weak clipper system that mainly just drags down cold air from Canada. Not a ton of moisture with it so if we get anything it'd be minimal. Anything is gonna have a hard time accumulating anyway since the ground is so far above freezing.

2) Sunday night

A little more moisture to that storm system, but with temps hovering right around 32 at night, it'd be the wet type that mixes in with the rain. If roads get slick and icy, we will keep you updated on any closings or delays.



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