Nicky Doodles doesn't sell corn dogs and their food doesn't make people sick as portrayed on the ABC show 'The Middle.'

A photo of the Nicky Doodles sign in Verona appeared on the ABC show 'The Middle,' but without permission from the owners and since a character on the show got sick from eating the food, the company has now apologized.

The sign that appeared at the end of the show promoted corn dogs instead of hot dogs, with a voice over saying someone got sick after eating them.

First, Nicky Doodles doesn't sell corn dogs. Second, promoting someone getting sick, even if it's fictional, isn't good for business. So the owners of Nicky Doodles reached out to Warner Brothers, the company behind 'The Middle.'

"They used our name and logo without permission and also stated we sold corn dogs that made the character on the show sick," says owner's daughter Ashley Twomey. "We reached out to Warner Brothers and they responded with a very nice apology."

In the letter, Warner Brothers Senior Vice President Jody Zucker says the sign is being removed from the episode. "We truly regret the use of your company's sign in this matter.

The sign was used from stock footage and was intended to reference a fictional establishment in Indiana. Little did anyone at Warner Brothers know, Nicky Doodles does exist and it's NOT in Indiana.

"It was never our intention to suggest anything about the real Nicky Doodles and we certainly never intended to suggest your establishment actually served our fictional character a bad corn dog," writes Zucker.

Read the nice apology, that includes a link to our original story.

Ashley Twomey
Ashley Twomey

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