There's nothing better than finally getting home after a long road trip. But there's nothing worse than arriving to a locked door. Hear 'What Women Think' when we get locked out of the house.

After 13 hours on the road, the only thing you want to do when you get home is crawl into your own beds. We arrived to a locked door because our daughter thought we were coming home a day later. How she thought that, I'll never know since it was never the plan. But she won't admit she may be wrong. I have no idea where she gets that from.

What do you when locked out? Climb through a window. Unless of course, you live in central New York where it's been the deep freeze for months and the window is frozen shut.

The only other option is drive some more and pick up the key. And of course you'd have to walk through a bunch of drunks celebrating St Patrick's Day.

13 hours and a 45 minute detour later, we finally made it IN our house. At least we didn't get lost like the start of our trip and the house was clean. What more can you ask for? Maybe a combination lock so I'll never get locked out again.


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