With all of today's technology, it's hard to believe anyone gets lost anymore. It happened after 15 hours on the road. Hear 'What Women Think' when men get lost.

13 hours into our drive to middle of nowhere Midwest, we stopped for gas and switched drivers. I had just woken up and didn't know how we came off the highway. Since we were in Tad's home state, I assumed he knew where he was going. So when he said 'follow that truck and stay on this road, it'll take you right there,' I trusted him.

The GPS was saying otherwise. It kept saying to get off the road that will 'take you right there.' But Tad said not to listen to it and keep going. When I noticed it was adding time to our drive I finally woke Tad up.

I should have trusted my instincts and the GPS rather than my directionally challenged husband. What should have been only 2 more hours on the road, turned into FOUR.

To celebrate not choking him to death, I did what any stressed out woman would do; drank an entire bottle of wine and passed out in the hotel room.


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