How's this for a next-door neighbor? Whether you think having a huge waterfall behind your house would help you sleep or annoy the absolute heck out of you, it's certainly an unprecedented sight in the small New York village of Montour Falls.

A video of Shequaga Falls in Schuyler County went viral on TikTok last month after a user showed the beauty of the falls and how close they are to the town's population of less than 2,000.

According to Uncovering New York, the waterfall towers over the village from 165 feet up, and it can even be seen as you're driving down Main Street. The sight is known to be the most accessible waterfall in the Finger Lakes whether you're just traveling through or stopping at the falls for your final destination. You can just park your car in the parking lot along South Genesee Street and walk right across to the small park and viewing area to take in the waterfall in all its glory.

Photos from past visitors on Instagram show that the waterfall just outside of Watkins Glen is a stunning day-trip destination year-round.

But sometimes it can get intense, especially when a lot of water is rushing through the falls. I guess there's a reason its name translates to "Tumbling Waters" in the Seneca language.

Many New Yorkers have been forced to put their summer plans on hold because of the coronavirus and Governor Cuomo's subsequent and growing travel advisory, so if you're looking for a stunning place to visit just a few hours outside of Central New York, Shequaga Falls may just be calling your name.

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