Me time is hard to come by, especially for working moms. Hear 'What Women Think' when they just want to relax.

It never ends. Someone always wants something. The minute you walk in the door the questions begin. Mom when's dinner? Mom have seen my shirt? Mom can you come help me? Add a spouse into the mix and your free time just evaporated. Honey, where's my hat? Honey, did you make dinner? Honey, I need you.

Have pets? They need you too. The dog wants to be let out and it's always when you're cooking dinner. The cat needs to be fed and of course, you're out of cat food.

Where do you go to relax? Just a few minutes of uninterrupted time. No questions. No one wanting something. Not the bathroom. They always find you in there. Try the closet. They are less likely to find you and you can stay as long as you still have wine. That's why I just bring the box.


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