Did you hear that loud 'explosion' in central New York? You weren't alone. But it's nothing to panic about. It more than likely came from a meteor.

Robert Lunsford from the American Meteor Society tells Syracuse.com the noise everyone heard Monday night, September 2nd, was probably a sonic boom created by a meteor burning up in the earth’s atmosphere.

Apparently this happens all the time and Lunsford tells Localsyr.com it's common and not dangerous. "Most of the meteors you see are just tiny little pebbles and they burn up while still 50 miles up. These larger and brighter meteors penetrate a little lower so they are brighter and last a little longer but rarely do they ever make it to the ground.”

Lunsford believes the meteor likely burned up over Lake Ontario.

Several people reported hearing and seeing the boom over central New York to the American Meteor Society, including Jessie who heard it in Fulton. "It was like I was standing an inch away from the biggest firework possible being let off. It was so loud, my house shook. I felt it in my chest."

Cindy Lancette says it shook her house in Bayberry too. Amber Rose lives by St Joseph's Hospital and was outside when she heard it. "I was out walking when I heard it. Little freaky."

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