Thanksgiving is about three weeks away, and the word is that if you're planning on making a certain pie for dessert, you should buy one of the ingredients now, before the price soars.

pies in store
Tim Boyle, Getty Images News

OK, we won't keep you in suspense any longer. If you're planning on baking a pecan pie for Thanksgiving dessert, food analysts are suggesting you buy those pecans now, and save.

According to

"Are you thinking of making a pecan pie for Thanksgiving? You may want to stock up the nut now—industry insiders predict that the price of pecans will skyrocket this holiday season.

Forbes reports that the experts predict grocery store prices of pecans will increase by several dollars per pound in late November due to growing Chinese demand and lower American pecan production. Currently, you might be able to purchase a one-pound bag of pecan halves for about $9 at your local grocery store, but wait a few weeks and the prices may potentially jump to $11 or $12 per pound."

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