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Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?
Ever since I can remember, I always heard that eating turkey makes you sleepy. Now, research says, that's not true. What? Really? I know I just want to flop after Thanksgiving turkey dinner. What gives?
A Different Turkey Stuffing For Thanksgiving [VIDEO]
I was talking with my sister the other day about a very important topic: turkey stuffing! We've all had the usual turkey stuffing, but on occasion, we've had the pleasure of cornbread stuffing. It's a little sweeter and soooooooooo good! Here's an easy recipe.
Butterball Reports Fresh Turkey Shortage
It may be a bit more difficult to find that large fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving table this year. Turkey producer Butterball has notified its retailers to expect around half of the fresh large--16 pounds or more--this Thanksgiving due to, according to The Exchange, an unexplained lack of weight …
Easy-To-Bake Pumpkin Bread Recipe [VIDEO]
Thanksgiving is about a week and half away, and if you want something extra special to put on the table, try pumpkin bread. Pumpkin bread is one my favorites - great with tea or coffee at breakfast or served with your Thanksgiving Dinner. Here's an easy-to-bake recipe.
How To Choose The Right Size Thanksgiving Turkey
With Thanksgiving Day a few weeks away, you may be shopping for your holiday turkey. The question is, how big a turkey do you need? Some years, we've had more and less people around the Thanksgiving table, so we've had huge turkeys and medium sized ones. So, what's the right size?
Turkey Leftover Recipes
Even into the weekend, I'm sure you have plenty of turkey left over, and most of the fixins'. Now, there must be other ways to use up that turkey other than sandwiches.
Why Men Carve the Turkey
Most men are lost when it comes to kitchen duties but today, Thanksgiving, is the exception. Today the family expects dad or whoever the man of the house is to get off of the couch, turn off the football game and head to the dinner table to do that most traditional of manly activities, carve the tur…
William Shatner On Deep-Fried Turkey Safety
If it seems like William Shatner is everywhere...he is! And going strong at 81 years old. Now, Shatner has an entertaining video for those of you who are thinking of deep frying your turkey. From what I'm told, deep-fried turkey is delicious, and leave it to Bill Shatner to be out front on deep…

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