It may be a bit more difficult to find that large fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving table this year. Turkey producer Butterball has notified its retailers to expect around half of the fresh large--16 pounds or more--this Thanksgiving due to, according to The Exchange, an unexplained lack of weight gain. The news isn't all bad however.

If consumers cannot find a Butterball fresh whole turkey in their desired size, they can purchase a Butterball frozen whole turkey for their Thanksgiving meal. Depending on the size of their turkey, it typically takes between three to five days to thaw; we suggest thawing in a refrigerator for four hours per every pound of turkey.

via Butterball Is Facing a National Turkey Shortage, and It Doesn’t Know Why | The Exchange - Yahoo Finance.

Since the number of fresh turkeys sold for Thanksgiving dinners is relatively small the shortage shouldn't disrupt too many plans.


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