Maybe it's your first time making Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe you always seem to never have enough leftovers. This simple tool will help you get it right. has a tool called the 'Guestimator' that easily calculates not only how big a turkey you should have, but all the side dishes and amounts you should make too.

All you have to do is input how many people you're expecting, how many are small, average or big eaters and how many leftover meals you want to have afterwards and you're all set.

It will also help plan your meal if you have a more non-traditional meal with many options or even if you're a (gasp)vegan.

I plugged in what I figure is an average amount of people - 6 - including two big eaters and 2 leftover meals. Here's what it suggests:

7 lb turkey

14.5 oz of veggies

4 potatoes

3 cups of stuffing

1 Pie

That's not all, but it's good enough to cover all the important bits.

Try the Guestimator for your Thanksgiving dinner and save yourself the headache of having to calculate the whole thing. It even includes tips on how to not waste food and get the most out of your menu.




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