With Thanksgiving Day a few weeks away, you may be shopping for your holiday turkey. The question is, how big a turkey do you need? Some years, we've had more and less people around the Thanksgiving table, so we've had huge turkeys and medium sized ones. So, what's the right size?

turkeys on a farm
Matt Cardy, Getty Images News

Here are some helpful hints in an article by Jayden Nightshade, Yahoo Contributor Network on yahoo.com:

"Here are some things to take into consideration when buying your bird.

How many people are coming? Is it just you, your family, or are you having guests?

Do you want left overs?

Do you eat legs and wings, or are you like me, and just throw them away?

If you are just having dinner for you if you are single, or just you and your small family of maybe four, you can get away with an eight or ten pound bird.

If you are serving ten to fourteen people, I would suggest a bird that weights about 16 pounds, and if you are feeding more than 14 people, I would definitely go with a bird weighing about 18 pounds.

For a large family gathering with lots of people, you may want to go with the biggest bird you can find, which is usually 22 pounds.

They say an eight pound bird will feed about 8 to 12 people."

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