What age can you leave kids home alone in New York?

Any age you feel safe leaving without them burning the house down while you're gone. There is no minimum age required in New York according to imom.com. In fact there is no age requirement in 34 states.

New York State Office of Children and Family Services has a list of things to consider when leaving children home alone.

*Consider the child: How mature is the child? How comfortable is the child with the circumstances? What has the child done in the past to show you he/she is able to take on this kind of responsibility?

*Consider the child’s knowledge and ability: Does the child know how and when to contact emergency help? Is the child able to prepare food for him/herself? Are there hazards to the child in the environment such as accessible knives, power tools, a stove or oven?

*Consider the circumstances: Where will the child be when left alone? How long is the child to be alone?

Most states required children to be 12 before being left home along. Kansas has the youngest minimum age at 6 while Illinois has the oldest at 14.

When did your parents first leave you home alone? What about your kids? What age did you start leaving them home alone?

Since both my parents worked, my brother and I would take the bus home from middle school, argue on the walk home, do our homework (most days) and then argue over who set the table for dinner before my parents came home from work.

I rarely set the table by the way.


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