If you shop at the Price Chopper location in New Hartford, you may be unaware that you aren't entering the store through the right door, or leaving the store through the proper exit. Did you ever hear that one door is the entrance while the other is an exit? 

According to our picture, do you enter the store through Option A? Do you enter the store through option B? Or honestly, do you enter through either door depending on where you're parking, Option C?

Some shoppers will let you know if you're entering through the wrong door, while others won't mind. I found this out while out shopping, I had an older woman explain to me that I was entering the store through the wrong entrance.

According to Customer Service at Price Chopper New Hartford, in theory, Option A is the proper entrance to the store, and shoppers should exit through Option B. The lovely lady at Customer Service also explained to me that Price Chopper doesn't give you a ticket, or call security, if you exit through the entrance, or enter through the exit. Honestly, they don't enforce this rule by any means.

How do you enter and exit the store? Let us know by commenting below.

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