Here's something you don't see everyday. A cow holding up traffic in downtown Lowville, New York.

Kelly Amidon and Heather Seller came across the cow as it ran by their car Monday morning. She posted pictures and a video on Facebook, saying "Only in Lewis County are we held up at the light in Lowville due to a loose cow."

Lowville Police Officer Brennan Ordway tells WWNY, "the cow got away from its owner as it was being loaded onto a vehicle."

The cow ran through downtown Lowville before running out of steam. After a mile-long chase, the animal was captured in the Stewart's parking lot.

Officer Brennan says it was "a first" for him. It was a first for Kelly and Heather too. "I don't know about you Kelly but my stomach hurts from all the laughing," says Heather.

Since there are more cows than people in Lewis County, it makes sense one would be seen running down main street. Maybe they should have their own 'Cow Crossing' sign. If deer have one, why can't cows?

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