Curt Walker wrangles cows for fun. When he heard there was one on the loose in Utica, he herded up his cowboy buddies, who came to the rescue.

Walker, from Argyle, New York says he and his friends, Steve Batchelder, Steve Miller and Brandon Martindale, have been roping cows for years. It took them no time at all to capture the animal that's eluded police for almost four months. "Once the dogs found it, we had it wrangled safely in 15 minutes. I have the best set of dogs ever owned."

Those dogs are Catahoula Leopard dogs, used to catch wild hogs and pen wild cattle.

Curtis Walker
Curtis Walker

Walker has been roping for years but says this cow was unlike any he'd seen before. "I've never worked a cow that wasn't afraid to cross four lanes of traffic. Most cows won't even go near the road. I'm surprised no one got hurt with her. It's kind of scary."

If anyone needs help with their cattle, they can contact Walker on his Facebook page.

A reward for the safe capture of the cow was offered by the New York Beef Council but Walker says he and his buddies weren't expecting anything. "We love to do it. I don't sleep well when I know I'm getting a cow the next day. My dogs love it more than anything I think."

Following the capture, the cow posted a new message to all its Facebook fans. "They're telling me I'm going to a nice farm owned by a nice family that goes by the name of McDonald's. I will write you all when I get there!"

As for the real future of the cow, Walker says it's been deemed dangerous. "She wouldn't stay in my fence. The future of the cow is in her own hands. She's kinda a different cow. There's gentle cows and mean cows. She's naturally a little mean. That's why she wouldn't stay with other cows.

Bet the Utica police are thinking 'Should've Been A Cowboy.'

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