What a moooooving video! An Upstate New York dairy farmer recently took time out of his schedule to send a video to a 4-year-old boy in need of some cheering up.

When Nate Chittenden of Dutch Hollow Farm in Stuyvesant, New York found out the 4-year-old was sick and loved cows, he knew he was just the person to lift the boy's spirits. He broke out his camera, got nice and close with his cows, and filmed a short message of encouragement for the boy as one cow gave him kisses.

"See, she's giving me a kiss that she says she wants to send to you," Chittenden said in the video. "We hope you're all doing okay and that you're going to feel better real soon."

Chittenden then invited the boy to visit the farm when he recovers and to send him any questions he has about cows and farming.

"And if you want more pictures of cows like this crazy girl, just do it okay? Just send a question; I'll send you a video," Chittenden said.

According to NYup, the 4-year-old boy from Pennsylvania was hospitalized because of a high fever. Luckily, he tested negative for COVID-19, so hopefully he'll be able to feel better and visit Chittenden and his cows very soon!

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