Where do you put family members that are coming into town for a couple of days?  If you're looking for something magical, this castle might fit the bill.

There are a lot of Bills games coming up this season.  If you've got family or friends coming into town just for a couple days, you have to check this place out.  It's right here in Buffalo, just minutes from Key Bank Center, Canalside, and downtown.  It's just a 20-minute drive to Highmark Stadium too!

Why would you just stay in a hotel with the same bed that you've seen in every other hotel when you could stay in a castle with a magical room.

This is just one of the rooms in what they call the Elk Tree Gardens and Castle.  It's called the very Magical Room or Private Room 4.  It's located in what used to be the rectory of the church and it has private access to one of the coolest musical bathrooms you've probably ever seen.  It's got a sink that's made of a tuba (pictures below...make sure to scroll to the end to see the tuba sink) and a shower with two shower heads that is made for two.

There is one thing you might need to be aware of though.  Room 3 is rented by a couple drummers who practice there.  The listing does say though that if they get to be a bit much you can just knock and ask them to keep it down and they "know the drill," whatever that means...

Want to see some pictures?

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