Having the President of the United States of America come to Rome and Utica was truly an amazing experience, no matter what your political views are. For the Misencik family of Whitesboro, it'll be an experience they will remember forever.

Becky, her husband Ryan, their daughter Emily, and Beck's parents were able to watch Air Force One land at Griffiss. They were welcomed to the plane landing because a friend of their family had been in Trump's staff since before his election. He extended an invitation to the Friends and Family event.

At 3:30 a hundred of us invited guests were brought to a designated area on the taramac that was gated in to await for President Trumps arrival. It was truly exciting to see his plane off in the distance come in and land right in front of us.. We were just excited to be out there to see him fly in and exit the plane. He took the time to go down the line of supporters and shake hands as well as sign items and take pics! When he got down to us which was at the end of the line his secret service followed him as did his cars. He shook both my parents hands which are huge Trump
Supporters then stopped at my husband Ryan and told him that our Baby Girl was the most Adorable patriotic baby.. then touched her."

Trump Baby Photo
Photo via Becky Evans-Misencik

Becky was able to grab the picture from behind Ryan, but Emily was lucky enough to take the amazing photo of the President and her sister:

It was the most amazing and memorable moment and truly a humbling honor.. Everyone has their own political views of TRUMP but yes we are supporters and wish Claudia Tenney the best of luck...."

President Donald Trump Lands At Griffiss
Photo Credit - P.W. Creighton/WIBX

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