Emily Fortney, the wife of Trailer Choir's Butter, is 'Rockin' the Baby Gut.' She's pregnant and ready to deliver in the next few weeks.

Butter says they are expecting a baby boy on March 20th but Emily says it's actually the 22nd. "We're just ready for this baby boy to get here." From the looks of things it could be any day.

Emily Fortney

Although they haven't picked out a name yet, "we have it narrowed down," Butter says.

Women aren't' the only ones who gain weight during a pregnancy. Butter has seen the scale increase as well over the last few months. "Like a true supportive husband, I've put on ten pounds to support her."

Butter Fortney

The new baby will join big brother Tug who will turn four in October. He's already a chip off the old block, stealing the spotlight every time Trailer Choir has a show. "He's like a mini celebrity when he comes in to help with the sound check on the drums."

Butter is surprised how things have changed since his son was born. "Three years ago I was chugging Crown Royal and Jack Daniels now I'm at a bouncy house at the YMCA." But he wouldn't change things for the world. "My wife's husband is ecstatic," he jokes.

We wish the Fortney's all the best and pray for an easy delivery for Emily. Can't wait to see the pictures when the little one arrives.

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