Here in Central New York, 2016 brought out the drone fans in all of us. We celebrated throughout the year with "Drones Over Central New York." Here's a look at the Top 5 moments from the sky this past year.

1)  A Beautiful View of The Adirondacks You Can’t See From a Boat\

The Fulton Chain of Lakes is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Adirondack Park. Taking up two counties and three towns, these bodies of water are examples of shear beauty. There are some views you can’t see from a boat, but the view from over 300 feet in the air is truly breathtaking.


2) Catch the Beauty of Downtown Utica From Our Eye in the Sky

Isn’t it funny that some of the most beautiful features of a building are ones that may rarely be seen? Utica‘s skyline may seem small, but when you take a look from high above, it’s filled with character, history, and style.


3) Utica Section of Erie Canal

Along the heart of the canal is Utica, NY. Now a great view for area restaurants, and a great view along the New York State thruway, the canal is still flowing strong, and is used for many purposes.


4) Drones Over Hinckley

The Hinckley Reservoir is one of the most important resources in Central New York. The water supply built in 1915 provides over 130,000 people with clean drinking water, but also is a source of revenue for many summer businesses in and around Remsen, NY. This past year, the water got very low.


5) Get To Know The 840 Recreation Trail From A Whole New Perspective

This recreational trail also known as, The 840 Trail, is considered a multi-use trail because of the variety of activities you can do there. Running, fishing, and biking are just a few of the recreational options available. See the trail like you never have before.