In our brand new video series we are introducing you to various areas all over Central New York from a new view. We're taking a drone to the skies to give you a new perspective on some of the areas most popular landmarks, properties, and landscapes. Our first location is the Phillip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail connecting Whitesboro and New Hartford.

This recreational trail also known as, The 840 Trail, is considered a multi-use trail because of the variety of activities you can do there. Running, fishing, and biking are just a few of the recreational options available. As demonstrated in the video above, this 4-mile stretch comes complete with great views of nature, and wildlife. Next time you're looking for somewhere new to walk the dog, or run with friends consider the beautiful Phillip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail. You can access it at Halsey Road in Whitesboro, or Middle Settlement Road in New Hartford.

***All Drone Footage Courtesy of Peter Angelini***

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