The Fulton Chain of Lakes is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Adirondack Park. Taking up two counties and three towns, these bodies of water are examples of shear beauty. There are some views you can't see from a boat, but the view from over 300 feet in the air is truly breathtaking.

In this episode of 'Drones Over Central New York' we give you the bird's-eye view of this great Adirondack wonder. There are so many things to do including fishing, camping, and dining. Every single activity here can be seen from high in the sky. According to The Fulton Chain of Lakes Associaiton,

The Fulton Chain of Lakes is part of a river system originally dammed at Old Forge c. 1798. Water flowing through the Fulton Chain starting at 8th Lake enters the Middle branch of the Moose River at the Old Forge Dam. The North branch of the Moose River joins the Middle Branch below the dam. The river then flows past the town of Lyons falls to the Black River, northwest to Carthage then on to Watertown, and finally into the Black River Bay on Lake Ontario.

The dam they're referring to holds back approximately 6.8 Billion gallons of water. Not only is this land great for recreation, but it is also in pristine condition home to a unique variety of wildlife. Bears, deers, loons, and more wander in the midst of all those who call this place a full-time, or second home. If you haven't yet paid a visit, it's not too late to get up there and enjoy. The autumn foliage there is even more beautiful.

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