It's only been out a few weeks and FrogFest star Chris Janson's 'Fix a Drink' is already being called the song of the Summer. What drinks can he fix before taking the FrogFest stage at the Utica Rome Speedway June 10th? He says "all you gotta do is tell me what we want." Here's 6 he can mix up to get us feeling our best and ready for FrogFest.

The Boilermaker to honor the annual road race in Utica. It's just beer and a shot of whiskey and Janson should have some of that. He doesn't drink but he says he does collect whiskey.

Saranac, beer or soda. With so many flavors, there's plenty of options and he doesn't even need his pocket knife to stir.

YouTube via Chris Janson
YouTube via Chris Janson

The Heron Hammer is a combination of vodka, Fresca and a shot of cranberry. Top with a lime and enjoy the refreshing drink served at Heron Creek golf course.

The One Iron is also a Heron Creek concoction that tastes WAY better than it sounds. It's gin and beer mixed with lemonade and shouldn't be knocked until tried.

A Utica Club. You can't visit Utica and not have a Utica Club. Pop the top and enjoy. No mixing required.

The Fish Bowl from The Stief on Varick Street is filled with Swedish Fish, nerds and alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol. Could be why it tastes amazing! Janson may need lessons to fix this drink that fits the 'fruity and strong' in the song.

Get your $20 advance tickets online, at the Utica Rome Speedway or any Price Chopper location for FrogFest, presented by White's Farm Supply.

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