I wish I could say it seems like yesterday but it doesn't really. It's been a long road but a great one and today, February 1, 2013, marks the 25th anniversary of country music's rebirth in Central New York. It was Monday morning, February 1, 1988 when the then "Jumpin' Country 96 Frog" later to become Big Frog 104 went on the air.

Tad Hopper was the first "Frog" voice on the air. The rest of the airstaff

10-3 Lily Paddington

3-7 Matt Herkimer

7-12 Swampwater Pete

12-6 Gentleman Jim Erie

Gentleman Jim replaced Lily shortly thereafter with Catfish Crawford slipping into the all night slot. I moved into the morning slot a year later. Some of the other familiar names over the years include Hopalong Cassidy, Beaver Bob, Pete Moss, Annie Croakley, Bullfrog, Jimmy Hoppa and I.B Green.

In Memoriam:

John Legrand-News Director

Cricket (Karie Shields)-Midday Personality/News

Ann Phibean (Karen Hanna)-Weekend Personality

It's been a great ride and it's all because of you. Without you we'd all have been talking to ourselves and that would have been no fun at all so, on behalf of everyone who has ever worked the "Frog" airwaves, "THANK YOU!"


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