It was 24 years ago today, February 1, 1988, that a new country radio station took to the Central New York airwaves. It was called "Jumpin' Country 96 FROG" and was located on South Jay Street in Rome. The station mascot, "Jermiah B. Frog" was an instant hit with kids and while the station morphed into "Big Frog 104" several years later Jeremiah has remained a much beloved local media icon. Does anyone remember the DJ's that first day? Mornings were handled by Program Director Tad Hopper. Middays you had Lily Paddington followed by some clown named Matt Herkimer. The evening slot featured Swampwater Pete followed by all night host "Gentleman" Jim Erie who shortly thereafter took over the midday slot. Here is a short clip of what things sounded like back in 1988. You'll note that none of the artists mentioned--save for the amazing George Strait--are still on our playlist.