Before you go to bed where do you leave your cell phone? Don't plug it in to charge and place it under your pillow. The results can be dangerous.

A fire department is warning cell phone users against placing cell phones under pillows at night. The result can lead to burns in the sheets as seen in the photo they posted on Facebook.

Putting cell phones under blankets may make the phone overheat, causing a possible fire. Putting it under your pillow could also expose your brain to potentially dangerous radiation. Whether that radiation causes cancer is still being investigated, according to

Studies have shown no statistically significant increases in brain or central nervous system cancers related to higher amounts of cell phone use.

If you want your cell phone close to the bed, put it in airplane mode or turn it off. If you're worried about missing calls, put it a few feet away from your bed.

You should also make sure your cell phone charging cord isn't frayed. A short in a cord under a pillow can also cause potential fires.


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