Can you give up your cell phone for an entire meal? One Buffalo restaurant is offering a discount if you can disconnect to reconnect. Lebro's, an Italian eatery wants to bring family time back to dinner time. Co-owner Lee Federiconi says if customers can leave their phones in a covered bread basket for the entire meal, they'll receive 10% off their bill.

"GOOD ADVICE" good old fashioned communication

Posted by Lebro's Restaurant on Sunday, November 2, 2014

Federiconi came up with the idea late last year. He tells NY Daily News, "It’s one chance to have one-on-one conversation with somebody. And now it’s so hard to do even that. This was just a little challenge to get people reconnecting.”

Although the discount is only offered on Sunday's, customers are so supportive of the idea, they hope it'll be implemented every day of the week.

Could you avoid checking your phone for an entire meal? No checking email. No taking pictures of your food to Facebook. Just face to face family time. Could you do it?


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