Sometimes you wonder what goes on in the world's greatest brains.  Researchers at MIT have created the worlds hardest tongue twister, they claim no one has been able to repeat 10 times, fast.  Tad and I gave it a shot.  One of us did well, the other, not so much, even though he won't admit it.

Can you be the first to repeat it 10 times? It's easy to say once, but 10 times, fast is another story.

Here's the twister:


We tried it 5 times. See how we did and try it yourself. Good luck!

Tad & Polly's Tongue Twister Attempt

Andy Cash Attempt

New York Sash's Scott Hayes' of Attempt

According to London's Daily Mail, the research is part of a study relating to human speech and how the brain processes it.

It may not make much sense, but the phrase...completely defeated volunteers taking part in a U.S. speech study.
Asked to repeat the phrase 10 times at a fast lick, many of the participants clammed up and stopped talking altogether

I don't know if it would qualify you for Mensa or an MIT Scholarship if you can actually do it, but its a cool trick to do at parties.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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