OK, so you are at a bar, a wedding reception or a friends party and they crank up the karaoke machine. Now, you've had a couple of drinks and think that you can do a better Carrie Underwood or Kenny Chesney than Carrie Underwood or Kenny Chesney. Before you take the mic there are 5 rules that, according to TheSmokingJacket, you need to consider.

1- Pick the right song – The sweet spot is a song you’re familiar with that’s also a crowd favorite. If you choose something obscure, you’ll lose the support and enthusiasm of those around you.
2- Hold the mic right – The space of one fist between your mouth and the mic is what the pros say is best.
3- Start low – When a song starts, start singing in a medium-low pitch. It’s a terrible thing when you have to start reaching – and screeching – for the high notes.
4- Be a Showperson – Even the worst singers in the world can win over crowds when they vamp it up. Now is the time to be a diva.
5- Buy Your Friends a Round of Drinks Before Singing – It’s your ace in the hole. A relaxed crowd is a fun crowd … who also happen to have lower expectations.

Here are a couple of bad karaoke performances to make you feel better about your last go at it. And then one magnificent performance.