We are so happy to welcome Jerrod Niemann to the FrogFest stage on June 13th, 2015! Now Jerrod is known for having a lot of fun, and recently Jerrod was a guest host on "My Country Nation's" Karaoke Kab. The premise of the show is pretty funny. The host Basel drives around Nashville with a country artist and picks people up and agrees to take them anywhere they want as long as they can sing! Check out the Jerrod Niemann episode!

I don't know how I would feel singing karaoke in front of a country star, especially one as big as Jerrod Niemann! I can't for him to rock the FrogFest stage. You can get your tickets now for just $20!!! Also, a limited number of VIP tickets are available for $55. Just visit http://bigfrog104.com/frogfest/.