Blake Shelton added two more to his team during night two of the blind auditions on 'The Voice;' a southern rocker and a Spanish singer.

Former wrestler Casey Muessigman kicked off the night with with some southern rock.  Blake's ears perked up as soon as he heard cowboy boots hit the stage.  He quickly turned his chair for Muessigman who sang 'Sweet Home Alabama.'  Cee Lo Green also turned his chair, but Muessigman went with the obvious choice to be on Blake's team saying he dreamed of 'making great country music with Blake Shelton.'


Casey Muessigman 'Sweet Home Alabama'

Spanish singer Juli0 Cesar hoped to stand out with his unique sound.  He had Blake turning his chair a few notes into 'La Bamba.'  Cee Lo also wanted Julio on his team and put up a good fight against Blake, telling Julio 'different is what I do. But Blake is brilliant at doing the same thing over and over again.'  Ouch!  Julio is definitely different, but in the end, surprisingly chose to be on Blake's team.  That'll be an interesting combination to watch this season: country and mariachi music.


Julio Cesar 'La Bamba'

The pick up of the night is a tie between Blake getting Julio and Christina Aguilera who added Aquile to her team.  He's easy on the eyes and easy on the ears.  Aquile's 'Your Song' had everyone but Blake turning their chair. Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Christina fought hard to convince Aquile to join their team.  I was sure he'd go with Adam but chose Christina instead.  I wonder if her request for a 'private concert' influenced his decision.

Aquile 'Your Song'

The blind auditions continue on NBC at 8 tonight as 'The Voice' goes up against the season premiere of Simon Cowell's 'X-Factor.'