Tad isn't the only one who has a problem keeping his wedding ring. A Utica woman is looking for her one of a kind ring after losing it too.

Heather Sandler treated her daughter to a spa day but she left her ring behind. She and her husband Evan designed the special rings that she's had for 14 years. "I put it on my watch band and forgot it in the locker room."

It happened at the Kalahari Resort in Mt Pocano. Heather says she didn't realize she'd forgotten it until she and her daughter got back to her hotel later than night. "I called and the staff let me in after-hours. Maintenance helped open some lockers but we found nothing."

Police are investigating but Heather says they aren't very optimistic about finding it. "And of course there are no cameras in the locker room. They said pawn shops are supposed to photograph items for a database but some don't."

If anyone sees the ring or have any information, contact Heather on Facebook or call the Mt. Pocano police department, criminal investigation unit and ask for Detective Venneman. You can also email rvenneman@pmrpd.com.

Heather knows finding the ring is a long shot but she has to try. "My husband Evan doesn't seem upset about it and wants me to call the jeweler to make a new one, but it's the sentimental value for me."

Tad can feel better knowing he's not the only one losing wedding rings. "I feel bad for picking on Tad now," joked Heather.

At least she hasn't lost it TWICE!

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