Byron Schlenker has the widest tongue in the world and his daughter Emily has the widest female tongue. The Syracuse family showed off their world record tongues on Jimmy Kimmel.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Kimmel barged into viewers homes to play a grownup version of show & tell. After the Schlenker's showed off their tongues, Kimmel wanted to know, "how long does it take you to eat an ice cream cone?"

"About six seconds," Byron jokes.

Byron Schlenker
Byron Schlenker

Schlenker’s tongue measured 8.3 cm at the time of his record, but it’s now 8.6 cm "from sticking it out so much, it stretches like any other muscle. It’s actually the only muscle I’m working out." Emily's measures 7.33 centimeters.

TRENDING: Byron Schlenker In Studio

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