Like father, like daughter. Byron Schlenker of Syracuse holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the widest tongue at 8.57 centimeters. Now his 14 year-old daughter Emily holds the record for widest female tongue at 7.33 centimeters.

Ironically, Schlenker has Emily to thank for his honor. "She needed a book from the library about facts. So I picked up a 2012 Guinness Book of Records and it opened to the page with the World’s Largest Tongue. When we got home, she measured my tongue and we sent it off to Guinness."

Byron previously held the record with a tongue width of 8.3cm but it's become wider. How does that happen? "From sticking it out so much, it stretches like any other muscle. It’s actually the only muscle I’m working out," Byron jokes.

Now that Emily has the female honor, I wonder if hers will get wider too. You know everyone will want to see it.

Byron stopped by the studio after he was honored in the Guinness Book of World records and predicted his daughter would soon be in the book too. Those are really wide tongues!


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