With the recent warm weather in Syracuse, it prompted a tick advisory this past week to the students at SUNY ESF.

SUNY ESF in Syracuse this week warned its students to be on the look-out for blacklegged ticks, which carry Lyme disease.

"Temperatures like those we experienced (last) weekend have undoubtedly drawn some of you from your winter hibernation to enjoy some long awaited warmth and outdoor activity. We simply offer some precautionary advice, particularly to those of you taking part in local field work and/or forest oriented coursework. While the mosquito plague is still months away, ticks are still present and active," a SUNY press release said.

Syracuse.com points out, unlike mosquitoes, ticks are robust to frost events and cold weather. They will remain active and continue searching for a host as long as temperatures are in the high 30s, low 40s, or higher.



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