Maybe one of your favorite parts of the weekend was seeing Stephanie Quayle at FrogFest 30! She brought one heck of a show, and we captured some of the best moments.

Stephanie's newest single that you heard live at FrogFest was called “Selfish.” This song offers a bold and honest female perspective on romance:

“What can I say… I know how I feel about my man. I want all of his time. I can’t get enough of him. Walking into my writing session that day, we came up with this positive twist to a word that is usually a negative one. It’s been amazing to see couples react to this song like this is their story too. It is taking on a life of its own.”

She decided to make sure that Luke and myself treat the women in our life the right way, and of course to know how lucky we are!

Stephanie Quayle at FrogFest 30


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