There's something missing on this school bus. Do you see it?

Sarah Brock noticed the problem this morning when she was behind the bus on the parkway in Utica.

Take a closer look. See it now? The emergency door handle is missing.

Sarah Brock
Sarah Brock

Brock called the 800 number on the back of the bus and she says it sent her to someone at Bernie Bus. "The person said they believed it was a Utica School bus, not a Bernie bus. I told him I called the 800 number listed on the back of the bus which went to them at Bernie Bus. He told me it was their terminal number but it isn't a Bernie bus."

The bus was full of kids on the way to school this morning and Brock says she just wanted to alert someone of the situation. "They said they'd call Utica school. Then they took my phone number in case they needed to call me back."

A round of applause to Brock for not only noticing the problem but taking the initiative to make a call and make a difference.


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