While driving North Bound on the Arterial right before the construction, have you noticed the creepy doll head? She's been sitting there for at least two weeks now. Why won't anyone pick it up?

Here's 5 reasons why the doll head hasn't been picked up, clearly, these 5 reasons are the truth that the City of Utica wants you to ignore...

1) The Head Is Haunted

For those that touch the doll, they will be placed with a curse. That curse last for 7 years and forbids the picker-upper to enjoy Utica Club or Chicken Riggies. Who wants to miss that for 7 years?


2) The Head Brings Good Construction Luck

Construction workers don't want to move the head. She was placed there to bring the construction project good luck, and of course, to help get it done on time.


3) Stray Utica Cats Have Sprayed It

Who wants to touch something that smells like animal waste? The head is in the right spot that the wind doesn't carry the scent down the highway.


4) The Head Is A Portkey

Harry Potter fans of Utica all know that a "Portkey" is an object enchanted by wizards and witches to instantly bring anyone touching it to a specific location. Why move it in the off chance you are sent to Lord Voldemorts graveyard?


5) The Head Is A Utica Legend

The head was placed by old mafia lords in the city of Utica. It's left there to show the bad mafia families of the North that Utica means business. The mafia men couldn't find a horse head, so they settled with a doll head.


Please note that this list is comical. Clearly the doll was placed there on accident, and it's only a matter of time before it's cleaned up. 



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