Taca Bell has redeemed themselves after discontinuing one of my favorite new items - the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

Multiple sources including USAToday.com and CNBC.com are reporting that Taco Bell is going 'naked' once again.

It's not the Naked Chicken Chalupa though, instead of bringing back that marvel of fast-food creation, Taco Bell is set to introduce the 'Naked Chicken Chips.'

The chips are triangle shaped and are served with a side of nacho cheese, and reports say that they will be sold as a six-pack for $1.99 and 12 for $2.99.

It looks like Taco Bell is not only taking on the breakfast game, but now they're muscling in on the chicken nugget market too.

Reports say Taco Bell will begin serving 'Naked Chicken Chips' on May 11.

So you know where to find Luke Austin that day...


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